What is a woman’s work?

I am not a Feminist, I do not believe women are still subject to patriarchal oppression in a way that I cannot defend myself. Or that I am treated as merely a sexual object. I believe women have an even stronger and more equal position than ever before and have the ability to be empowered by what they do as well as the choices they make. As it is assumed that most women who celebrate femininity are feminists, I thought it would be essential to give my definition of what I believe women’s work and being feminine constitutes.

I guess being feminine is a gender-related notion as a result of social constructs and of course, being female is due to biological domain which, to an extent, interlinks with activities that females undertake such as having an expressive role within the family. I’m in a position where I want to celebrate how being a woman is such a natural, enchanting and empowering gift.

I feel really empowered by the fact that I can create – both naturally (maternal) and through artistic expression. To me, these are gifts that I believe are sacred so I embrace them, I don’t believe that women’s work is purely based upon a woman’s domestic role within the household which is why the concepts I am interested in are based mainly on creativity. This is something that was celebrated amongst ancient civilisations, which is something I will discuss in the following few posts along with research for my essay which I’m hoping with aid me with a strong background of contextual information and perhaps push concepts I’m working with a little further.


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