T.O.P. Text Discussion

Having read over the texts, my group met up and we discussed our thoughts towards the text and whether it would be applicable to all of us. Very few had read the texts as they were pretty big but Ari thought that it what Agnes Martin has to say about the artist being conscious and inspiration as being innate and impulsive was very relevant to internal processes. She liked the lecture as it summarized Martin’s views in a formal way which would be useful for us in providing contextual information during the presentation. We decided this would be the text we would use alongside the ‘Mystery and Creation’ text because of how certain points join together regarding inspiration being natural and instinctual as well as a drive for the artist’s internal processes to occur.

During this meeting we began to discuss what exhibitions we should attend in relation to the subject matter. Vicky suggested Anselm Kiefer at the RA, I know very little about him but I’m always up for visiting an exhibition! Ari was also interested in visiting a gallery exhibiting new works by Gerard Richter, he is a key artist who she refers to within her practice and I have always been a fan of Richter’s large Abstractions because from my experience of viewing his works at the Tate Modern, they engulf the viewer and immerse them into very natural surroundings. I think is because of the scale, colour schemes and abstract mark makings that are renlminiscent of forests or lakes. I feel this becomes a bodily and mental experience which can be linked to the relationship between humans and nature and ‘oneness’. Katrina also suggested Egon Schiele at the Courtauld and whilst searching, me and Ari came across Pipilotti Rist who is exhibiting as Hauser and Wirth. Anyway, we have a few days to think about it but me and Ari thought it would be good to get a few visits done in one day. Question is, what exhibitions to choose?!?!?

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