Drawing Experiments – ‘Ropey’ Landscapes

Now I’m back after being ill and working on T.O.P. research, I thought I’d also fit some studio work in when I can. I decided to experiment with my rope drawings and abstractions by making a landscape out of them. We have been working on T.O.P. quite a lot and as I seem to be trying hard to do my bit, I have been doing a lot of research which has taken away time spent on studio work, I like this drawing, it’s different to my previous drawings and still has that abstract quality to it. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t look as unambiguous as the rope drawings, to me it looks pretty obvious that it looks like a landscape but someone else said it looked like female genitalia which made me think of Georgia O’Keefe’s abstract flower paintings? Although most people worked out that there was something ‘rope’-like about the drawing which is great. I was considering drawing this in a larger scale but now it’s complete I don’t feel like I’ve got the effect that I wanted to achieve from it. Which was that pure sense of ambiguity and confusion as to what it could be, followed by an awkwardness.

image1 (1)

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