Preparing For The Presentation

In the lead up to the presentations for our next tutorial, we decided as a group that we would all provide our own opinions of certain essays from Agnes Martin’s – Writings including the lecture, we decided to use 3 texts from the book and analyse them in 2 groups, 3 of us look at one text and 4 looked the other 2 (these were smaller). In Google Drive we also created a document to which we could add points on about all texts and exhibition visits as well as defining what is meant by internal processes and how all the research we looked at interlinks.

This document also become useful in helping us summarize all important points we wanted to include in the presentation in a concise way. As a group we managed to discuss ways in which we would go on to present the topic in the 45 minutes, this was in the form of a PowerPoint presentation which included basic slides for the audience to refer to for an overview of the most relevant points that express what the internal process of the artist is most effectively. Alongside this, me and Ari organised who would be speaking about what during the presentation and asked each person to prepare notes on it.

This is the document on Google Drive that we put together:

I do have lots of concerns with my group, mainly the fact that they don’t contribute much and I’m getting very tired of having to force them to speak up. Me and Ari are really trying hard to integrate the group and get them contribute their ideas but I’m losing my patience with me and Ari having to put all of the work in because it’s unfair. Me and Ari pulled together a PowerPoint together for the presentation for the tutorial on Thursday.

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