I saw this on posted on Facebook and I went wild. I absolutely fell in love with is.

Expansion by Paige Bradley

After doing a quick Google search, I discovered it was sculpted by an American artist called Paige Bradley. It’s beautiful! I haven’t had much time to research her but this sculpture is part of a collection called ‘Goddess’ (FANTASTIC!) and I found a quote on her website underneath another work from this collection:

As a young female born in the twentieth century, I have grown up in a man’s world where women are finally coming to power sitting as equals with men. But, I’ve learned that long ago we once held that same seat; we were appreciated, empowered and even considered sacred. I have lost a history that I never knew. I have lost a power that I could have had. I have lost a family that I should have felt. We have repressed a magic source of nature just because we could not measure it. I hope we will become a society that no longer covers up who we are, but discovers who we were meant to be. ‘

I would say that it is this ‘magic source of nature’ that I’d love to reignite.

She sits so strong and balanced in a lotus position, the cracks and how the light shines through emanate an innate power that is pure but magical. Although, being bronze casted it would be ridiculously heavy, the source of electricity shining through and position the female seated in makes it seems as though she is so light, that she is on the verge of levitating up into the air.

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