Pipilotti Rist – Worry Will Vanish at Hauser & Wirth (T.O.P.)

After the Anselm Kiefer exhibition, we went on to see another two exhibitions at Hauser and Wirth, one of which Pipilotti Rist was displaying.

This show was comprised of some sculpture and video installations; Rist examined the relationship between humans and nature, like Kiefer. Her videos are immersive and contain a heightened sensuality as organic and bodily images, some real – some computer generated, flood the two screens in the dark room as tranquil music plays in the background. Below is a sneaky picture I took of one of the sculptures that contained a small moving image inside what looked like a glass ball.

Sneaky picture I took during the show

It was all very kaleidoscopic, images of skin were zoomed in so much they became abstracted. They were layered with rich plant life of all colours, slowly transforming into clips of moving stars and galaxies out in space. Me and my group sat in blankets, staring at the videos in a peaceful trance in which we also left feeling relaxed but rejuvenated.

My experience of this exhibition was a good one, I feel that on a deeper level, Rist is trying to make the viewer think and perhaps try to perceive things that cannot easily be seen with the naked eye – things beyond our daily experiences of life and the universe – deeper into existence in both internally and externally. But she, like Kiefer references the notion of interconnectedness between humans, nature and space and how we are all one.

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