T.O.P. Tutorial with Liz and the tutor group

Liz sent us all and email to inform us that the presentations would be 45 minutes long each, I was panicking as I didn’t think we had accumulated enough research to pull off a presentation that long but the group got togeher and me and Ari worked on how we would fill out the presentation we had made, we found that we had more than enough and made some critical and comparative points between both the texts and the artists’ practices from the exhibitions we had visited and through doing this we managed to also gain clear understanding about the relationships the between the both artists’ and the exploration of self in relation to materials and process. Of course this is something we have constantly been doing but through refining it and making the research more concise, we began to see clearer links.

Here are the some of the slides me and Ari put together that discuss that neatly summarise what we’ve been discussing:





When it came to actually doing the presentation in front of our tutor group, that did not go well at all. Me and Ari were the only ones prepared to speak, although we had assigned everyone to different tasks and slides to prepare what they wanted to say, me and Ari ended up presenting the whole presentation, Katrine said what she needed to say but nerves did take over so she forgot and I ended up taking over. I was really angered by the lack of preparation and laziness from the others because of the fact that we hadn’t even asked much of them but to do the roles that they chose to take on and they couldn’t even do that. I’m really trying to pull.my weight even thought I’m still recovering from illness, it’s a very long and tough process and I’m falling back on studio related work yet the rest of the group have no excuse. It’s really testing my patience but I’m only tolerating it because I actually care about art and I want to succeed, regardless of my condition.

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