I had my head in my hands and my heart on the floor…

Happy holidays guys!

Been a pretty productive week, I’ve already started prep work for the off-site exhibition in March (slightly early I know!). Thought it would be a good idea as I’ve finally pushed myself into working with sculpture and it is something I’m set on exhibiting at the show.

I’m working on something slightly different but I’m incorporating my rope work into my preliminary drawings, but I’m working on drawing organs. I’ve not tried drawing organs so I’m a bit crap but I’ve made a decent start.

The idea I have in mind is to draw a pair of hands holding a brain, and a heart separately, in terms of how I see the works, they will be separate components displayed together, with the heart on the floor. The heart will have black rope either around/on the veins or wrapped around and tied down to the floor. I’ve spent a few hours here and there this week working on the drawing of the heart, and have now moved onto the brain which I’ll post about later.

I’m fairly happy with how the heart has turned out for a first try, at the moment I’m considering buying a pig/sheep heart to work from (perhaps cast it somehow). I’m also trying to figure out how to go about making it but that’s a problem I’ll take to the workshop with me.

image1  image2

image3  image4



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