‘Love Series’ by Lorenzo Quinn

My previous post ‘Eternal Love’ were pictures of sculptures that formed part of the ‘Love Series’ by Lorenzo Quinn that I discovered over the summer at the Halcyon Gallery in Harrods, I wrote this post separately because I liked the sculptures so much I thought they deserved their own post =D. I’m glad that I did come across them because the pictures do no justice for the beauty of the sculptures. They have a very strong presence, perhaps due to the material and scale, yet there is something tender, passionate and sentimental about them.

Something even more amazing is that the gallery assistant demonstrated how they’re able to rock from side to side like a pendulum. I was quite scared and excited because the hands act like a weight to maintain a balanced movement to prevent the sculptures from dropping. To me, this kinetic energy and constant rocking demonstrates not only unity and balance but eternal love between two people within time and space (existence).

‘Our hands are bound together, intertwined for eternity..’


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