Preparing for the Symposium

Our first tutorial back was intense, we all realised how little time we had until the Symposium and Liz set us off in our groups and got us to discuss ideas as to how we’d present at the Symposium. We had a discussion about one another’s practices and what we were currently looking at. I know what Ari is doing because we work near enough around each other most of the time and I’ve been given her ideas about textures she can introduce into her paintings and going larger in scale, changing scale is something she’s had in mind but I’ve also given her some polyfiller to create textured surfaces. Eunsul is working with adding and erasing marks, Katrine showed us drawings of hands and explained she has been trying to abstract them but isn’t sure how. I suggested that she blindfolded herself and felt someone’s hands whilst trying to draw them, which is an idea she really liked. Hannah has drawn ideas for underwater sculptures which reminded me of the work of Alexa Meade which is something I thought she could possibly reference.

Juzstyna is thinking to work with animation and showed us some collages she had made as she has been trying to undo habits she developed as being classically trained. Sarah works with performance a lot, she sings professionally too which is great. After lots of discussion, I thought It would be great for us to make a video that showed clips of either our inspirations or us playing with materials and processes so that it feels a lot more personal, rather than just appropriating lots of clips from the internet.

We also thought we could write a song that Sarah could either perform or pre-record to play with the video. We told Liz our ideas and she seems to really like them, it’s just a matter of pulling it all together and trying to get the others to contribute too!


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