Recorded Tutorial with Mo Throp

My recorded tutorial with Mo Throp went incredibly well. In fact it cleared up a lot of dilemma’s I have been experiencing regarding my practice because it’s evident that I’ve been trying to bind opposing concepts together. I’ve always been aware of the fascination I have with dualities and how this relationship between opposites has become something very important and inspiring. The only trouble is I’ve had many problems trying to find what it is about the relationships between dual opposites that attracts me the most. And Mo hit the nail on the head when she had a look at my work and asked me what I’m interested in and why I draw the way I do.

I gave an explanation to Mo about how I was initially inspired by the portrayal of Goddesses in Greek Mythology, how they were creative both artistically (weaving), and maternally YET they demonstrate masculine qualities. They are displayed as being extremely empowered and I find these dualities inspiring. I also told her about feedback I had received from the drawings about how organic they look, Mo said they’re really futuristic and alien and asked my opinion. I said I was aiming to put across both qualities and that the reason I used rope is because it’s quite robust and not particularly feminine. I emphasized I did not want my art to look like it has been done by the hand of a woman, I am trying to achieve something powerful, confusing yet otherworldly.

Mo was really excited and enthusiastic by my ideas and what I’m doing with my practice, this was really helpful for me as I’m not the most confident and I feel even worse having had a slow recovery from being ill, it’s set me back a lot seeing as these were new ideas so I felt it was crucial for me to really dig in and get making as soon as our essays were complete. But obviously, things didn’t go to plan. Mo told me not to worry, some people may seem to be confident but a lot don’t have a clue what they’re doing and that even those who aren’t so confident can do just as well.

In the midst of her excitement she also said I MUST have a look at the work of Eva Rothschild, she’s a sculptor who I know of briefly by Mo taught her at Goldsmith’s and said that the ideas and aesthetics of our practice and work are similar and that research would ‘get the juices flowing, a real turn on.’ ahahaha.

Mo told me how beautiful she thought my drawings are and that I need to exploit them more, perhaps go larger or paint on walls, we both agreed a larger scale would really do these justice and I explained to her that I’m easing myself into going into sculpture (I actually visited Ceramics just before the tutorial so I’ll write a separate post on this later).

I then discussed my concerns about how I find it difficult to explain what I’m doing with my practice, Mo summarised it for me as…

‘Where nature and man made collide and become one… Where opposites, both natural and supernatural, form a third entity in it’s own right. You’ve been uniting binary opposites into a singular entity as opposed to playing them against one another…’

This is just parts of what she was saying, but she referred to it as an ‘unholy alliance’ and that I have been creating forms in or from the ‘third space’ that go beyond anything we can comprehend. They cause confusion. She gave me a list of things to research and told me to contact Maria Walsh regarding theoretical sources on the third space to help me out with my essay.

Overall, I thought this was such a good tutorial and perhaps one of the most useful conversations I’ve have with a tutor or lecturer so far because it’s really help me find my feet.

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