It’s All Coming Together!

We had a tutorial today and an opportunity to see the Auditorium over at the Tate, I had emailed Liz the night before about how the group haven’t contributed much at all and she’s told me and Ari to keep going hard at it. So I guess we have to, we showed the group our video and explained we’re working on the song at them moment to fit with the backing track (we chose the one from Tw-Ache). I felt pretty embarrassed that the others didn’t seem that bothered that we hadn’t completed the song or the video or that we still hadn’t even received some video’s yet.

Anyway, that afternoon, I sat with Sarah and took quotes from the texts we had been looking at to help her write the song. Quotes or words such as ‘unfolding the potential’, ‘moments of happiness’, ‘consciousness’, intuition’, vision’, we’re all made of stardust’, I write poetry here and there so I tried to contribute as much as I could whilst Ari filmed Vicky’s clip of her highlighting text and also asked her for Justyna’s clips as Justyna didn’t bother sending anything.

We visited the Auditorium so that Sarah could get a feel for the acoustics of the room. Because the room is quite boxed in unlike our lecture theatre, Sarah needs a microphone to project her voice, it won’t travel around the Auditorium as well without otherwise she usually sings without. Either way, we got most of the song done by Sarah said she’s going to work on the melody and tweak the lyrics over the week

We went back to the studio and me, Ari and Sarah did a collaborative piece to fill out the video because It was pretty short, we used ceramic hands Sarah made last term and I poured black paint over them which Ari filmed. as well as taking pictures a small sculpture I made from a perfume bottle which I wrapped in black polyrope.

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