Ceramics Workshop!

So I went into the workshop one morning to start off on my small shell spiral shaped sculptures, however, I didn’t have much luck. Obviously, I wasn’t expecting miracles as I know I haven’t worked with clay before but, I was working with black clay, this is fired at a very high heat. However, as I started using it I realised how it’s a lot harder to mould to shape in comparison to modelling clay, the technician told me after my few attempts that I wouldn’t be able to get it how I want yet until I practice on modelling clay because it does take some skill.

So that felt like a wasted morning.

Anyway, I did make one thing in the work shop…


I’ll add a picture of what it looks like once it has been fired.

Whilst walking around the workshop I found this:


I want to make a few of these for our exhibition, I think they’re beautiful! In black of course… I asked the technician how it was made and he told me it was done through an extruder:


I’m looking forward to making a few to be honest, however I won’t be able to use black clay, I’d have to glaze them instead due to the same problem I was having whilst trying to model the black clay in the workshop that morning.

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