Video for T.O.P.

So me and Ari made a start on the video, we came in over the weekend to film a clip of her painting and we were going to film what I was making in the ceramics workshop but that didn’t go so well so I sent her a clip from this video that I posted earlier on in my blog by FKA Twigs called ‘Tw-Ache’ of some hands creeping across the screen, which fitted well with both Katrine’s drawings of hands and made a good lead up to Hannah’s underwater sea clips which stood out a lot because they were so different.

We have been chasing the others, Justyna hasn’t bothered showing up for meetings or to contact us and Vicky said she’d film hers. I am really impresses with Eunsel’s video, she made a clip of her adding and removing charcoal marks from a wall which looked pretty great.

I don’t know anything about making videos but Ari was great, she sat and explained what she was doing and showed me how to cut clips, link them together and change the properties of them too. We need to work on the song but Sarah needs an idea of how the video will look and the transitioning between clips so that she can work out the melody and pace which she should sing at. I feel terrible that I can’t offer Ari more help but she said she’s going to work on it from her Mac at home, I said to her if people do not send their video’s over I have a few more ideas as to what we could put in the film.

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