Eva Rothschild is an INSPIRATION

After my tutorial with Mo Throp, I did some research on Eva Rothschild and I’ve become a fan! I think gaining some conceptual understand about her practice and the aesthetics gave me some clarity in regards to what I’m doing because I’ve never been able to explain it as concisely as she has done so in the video. I’ve also picked out quotes that I really liked because they correspond with my practice and have me thinking ‘I couldn’t have explained it better myself!’.

‘What I’m kind of interested in is created a sustained level of visual confusion… or physical confusion in terms of apprehending an actual object… ephemeral or something, there is something solid and real and physical an empirically in front and yet your perception of it due to the nature of the object – which I suppose which is what I do with the object or how I create – becomes confused, there becomes a lack of certainty in your gaze…’

‘Some of the works are quite continuous, some of the works like us women where you’re making those beaded pieces is like something that constantly happens in the studio…’

‘So that there’s a kind of tension between the touch and the untouch…’

From 2:28 onwards, the curator explains how Eva uses simple, industrial, geometric forms but it’s in how she manipulates them that they develop a transcendence or how, when the spectator views the sculpture, in their confusion there is.. ‘a moment of kind of magic that happens there,’


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