I really enjoyed the Symposium, it was a long day packed with plenty of information and inventive presentations which is great, I thought the day was maybe a little too long and should have been broken up a bit because it got slightly hard to take in all the information with so many groups performing consecutively, I’m pretty sure even the tutors felt it at points. I’m glad our group went up early on because it meant we were able to enjoy the others and relax a little, especially with how intense everything has been.

The panels were interesting too, I really liked Bernice’s and Marsha’s panels, I think they both mediated and encouraged discussions from everyone, probing at all the groups who has presented, especially Bernice – she’s great with trying to push people into thinking from various aspects and having attended some seminars she held last year about space.

Me and Ari were on at 3:15 with other groups involved in materials and process with Rose Carin, I liked how the panel began because Rose was addressing all groups, but this wasn’t for long, the discussion soon became dominated around painting and this became the main talking point throughout most of the panel, which is fine but for people who don’t paint, ie. myself, there wasn’t much I could contribute to the conversation at all. I believe this is because Rose is a painter herself (?), so naturally she would be more interested in painting but she failed on mediating a varied discussion about materials and processes that covered other mediums. I know most of the people on the panel were painters and I was extremely impressed with Ari’s contribution to the discussion, she was expressing how people do not appreciate painting as much and struck up some great points to defend painters and their practices. Well done Ari!

Overall, the day was enjoyable but I think panels should have been thought out better, for example, if a panel discussion was going to be dedicated to painting then painters should have been allocated to that panel only because it would have lead to a great discussion amongst that group as to how they all deal with processes involved with painting.

Here is a link to Sarah’s performance and our video:

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