Ideas and Planning


Whilst visiting the exhibition space, I was really intrigued by how the lighting rail was positioned diagonally from one end of the room to the other. I had quiet a few ideas as to what I could do in the space within the awkward spaces that I knew no one would use, but I took into account the lighting was moveable along the rail. I can’t explain how but I envisioned an installation of black shiny crescent/half moon shaped surfaces suspended from the ceiling at different levels, some with semi-circle gaps in between. I drew the idea out into my sketchbook, with 6 semi-circles positioned in the way I want them to be. I then drew these out individually so I could work out the differentiating scales between each surface so that I could take it down to the workshops to make, at this point I had already decided perspex would be a great material to use after looking at how beautiful, opaque and reflective the perspex surfaces look in Eva Rothschild’s Riches (2007). The idea behind it is that I wanted to create incisions in the space with the lights in between, looking at opposites, I wanted to form a relationship between light and dark. The use of semi-circles are moon-like, this wasn’t intentional but I like it because of how the moon is associated with night time (darkness), which will oppose the artificial lighting in the room.

16/02/15 I visited Isabelle in the laser-cut workshop on the day of Unit 8 essay deadline to discuss how to go about making these as I have not done laser-cutting before. I discussed my ideas with her and she advised me to contact Kaye Price who specialises in Digital Media to prepare an Illustrator file of the semi-circle’s as this would be processed by the laser cutter to make the incisions in the perspex. She also recommended I visit Hamar Acrylics in Bethnal Green to collect the perspex in the dimensions 600mm x 450mm and 4mm in depth. I arranged to get the actual installation cut on the 23rd February to leave myself enough time to carry out these tasks, being that I have never used Illustrator before either! Having emailed Kaye that evening to arrange the one-to-one – knowing that she’d be in this week to do group tutorials, she emailed me back the next morning to say she has had to take a weeks leave due to unforseen circumstances. Leaving me with a bit of a problem with how to tackle Illustrator. I went to the ceramics workshop to arrange the sculptural extrusions I want to make, I thought these would look great in a matte black glaze placed in various parts of the room, as if they had grown from the ground out of nowhere. In terms of timescale it is a bit tight, Tim (the ceramics technician) he said I can come in the following day to make the extrusions, if they’re too big he said they’d take too long to dry but I wanted to simply make thicker extrusions, I was fine with the length of the original one I saw but I just wanted them to be a little longer. He said firing would be done the following Monday (27th) and that I could glaze them on Wednesday (25th), this would take another firing so they’d be complete by March 3rd, week of my exhibition. I was slightly apprehensive about this just incase it goes wrong but I’ll just have to hope it’ll all go really well.

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