Visit to High Holborn


I had planned to buy my perspex sheets from Hamar Acrylics on Wednesday, Isabelle gave me the dimensions which were 450mm x 600mm and 4mm in depth, so I went to Bethnal Green to get the black sheets cut to scale but when I got there, I found out they didn’t do black perspex in 4mm thickness, only 3mm and 5mm. Being new to laser cutting I was reluctant to buy anything thicker or thinner just incase seeing as the material costs £48 for 5 sheets so I went back to Isabelle to check if it would be fine, which she confirmed so. So I went back today to collect it in the 3mm thickness.

I also went with the group to visit Gavin at the exhibition space in the morning just so that we could all discuss where we want to place our works, get another feel for the space again and see what needs to be done to it. Roshai had a few issues with how small the space was initially, I think we were all a bit deflated but the more we walked around, the more we realised there was more than enough space for our works to sit harmoniously in the space.

We weren’t too happy with the floor, there were paint marks all over it, we asked Gavin if we could paint over it or if anything could be done to clean the floor but he said no. I think it’s really bad and unprofessional because no one should be expected to to exhibit in a space where the floor is covered in streaks of paint, especially in a building such as High Holborn which has so much money poured into it. We are trying to think of a solution to this problem as it’s a distraction and will look really bad with my floor sculptures. I may have to make plinths for them which won’t really take long but it’s not really how I wanted to present them, Eve suggested a green felt fabric or grass and I was quite against the idea as I believe it will clash and look ridiculous in the space, especially as all of our work is pretty dark.


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