Laser Cutting


On Monday, I went over to the laser cut room so that I could get my perspex sheets cut into semi-circles for the installation. I had made a few minor adjustments to the illustrator file over the weekend in terms of the scale, I went smaller by a few millimetres. In terms of actually using the laser cutter, there wasn’t much for me to do. Isabelle simply exported my illustrator files and selected what would be cut by highlighting the lines in a certain colour (I think it was red for cutting, whereas green is for engraving???), peeled off the protective screen on one side of the perspex, placed it into the laser cutter and the laser cut through the perspex pretty quickly. All semi-circles were cut within 2 hours, I asked Isabelle on advice as to how to maintain the sheets, she said the best thing to do is wrap them up in bubble wrap and not to open them until the point of installation as they get scratched easily. In terms of cleaning them, the dust can be wiped off with a microfibre cloth



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