Glazing the Clay Sculptures


I went back to the workshop this morning to check my extrusions, they’ve come out so well! Only one has cracked slightly, Tim explained a small part dropped off while he was moving it out of the oven after being fired but this was hidden so you couldn’t really tell that the part had dropped off unless you looked close enough. Tim explained the glazing process to me, I opted for a matte charcoal glaze as he didn’t have a pure matte black – I was very lucky to even get this because he had very little left.

IMG_0157 IMG_0158 IMG_0159 IMG_0161

I couldn’t take pictures of this process as it was very messy, initially Tim said I could simply dip the extrusions into the glaze but as there was not enough, I had to hold them using tongs, pour the glaze into a jug and then pour it over the extrusions. Tim recommended that I do this quickly and only pour one layer over, whatever parts that are left without glaze have to be painted over because if the glaze goes on unevenly, the colours will change when it’s fired and the different layers will be noticeable.

I did this fairly quickly, it took about an hour but it wasn’t easy as the tongs weren’t clasping my extrusions well due to the fact that they’re such an odd shape with an uneven surface so I had to be pretty careful. This simply needed another firing and would be ready for me to collect the following Monday in time for setting up the show!


I spent the rest of this afternoon filling out the risk assessment for Gavin at High Holborn, this took a long time as it required specifics as to what we were setting up including dimensions, materials used and how we plan to hang each piece. There are certain things I’m unhappy about such as the fact that we have to buy alcohol from the venue to prevent ‘spiking of drinks’, a bottle of wine from the SU bar costs £10 which is a bit unfair especially as we’re students and have had to spend so much money on materials but we’ll just have to make do.


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