Getting The Word Out!

So we decided on calling the exhibition [MAGNETIK] because of how we all seemed to be looking at contrasting elements or opposites (we initially thought of opposites but it didn’t really grow on us. Making the logo and poster was put into Ari’s trusty hands as she has the most experience with Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop. The font was borrowed from a girl on the Graphics course at Chelsea who had posters stuck on the walls in the canteen. We thought this font would look great and we offered to pay for the font but the girl gave it free of charge so we gave credit to her on the poster, for some reason it reminds me of when hair is static and breaks away and sticks to other surfaces which is why I really liked it anyway. We all decided on the colour scheme together, the green font was added because it added a natural element and a pop to the monochromatic colour scheme – it fitted well as there was green in Ari’s painting – it’s a neutral colour that’s neither bright or dark. This is the poster with the logo on it:


I set up the Facebook Page to invite people as we only have permission to bring in people who do not attend UAL if we give a list, so this was in order for me not only to promote the exhibition but also to find out who will be attending to hand the list over to security.

Here’s the link:


 In terms of the publication, we’ve all chipped in and played our part, I worked on some of the text about our exhibition collectively and my own, but Ari and Roshai are more equipped with the technical stuff in terms of making it which they have done a fantastic job. We all sat together and made decisions as to how it would look but Ari has made it look really professional.

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