The Hang-up in the Exhibition Space

3/03/2015 – Installing my installation

I completely forgot I had an essay tutorial this morning so I went in for that which didn’t go as bad as I thought it would. As for the transporting of Ari’s canvas, that didn’t go very easy. We took it down to Pimlico tube station and the TFL worker said we couldn’t go underground with it, so we had to take a bus outside the Tate Britain to Aldwych and walk down Kingsway to High Holborn with it. We were lucky we had a kind bus driver because he was looking at us reluctantly but I asked so nicely that he couldn’t really say no. We got stuck in traffic so we were on this bus for an hour, it was not an easy journey at all but we got there!

I grabbed the keys from Gavin and we started setting all up in the space, I went back to Chelsea to grab my pieces for the installation to start hanging them up. Ari’s was hung pretty quickly.

As for mine, I took me some time to work out how to hang it around the light fitting so that it was equal on each side. I came up with a formula, I measured the light fitting (4.2cm in width) and subtracted this from the diameter of the semi circle, then I divided this by 2 to find out how far away each screw hook should be from either side of the fitting. Here are my workings (indecipherable scribbles):



As for how far apart each semi circle would be from each other, I did them 55cm apart so that they were close enough but far apart enough for people to walk through. I hit a problem where one screw hook measured to be where the fire alarm is positioned so I changed this to 50cm apart, the difference isn’t noticeable at at all.

The screw hooks went in easily, the main thing is to screw them in as straight as possible and not to keep taking them out as it’ll loosen the grip of the plasterboard.



To work out what level I wanted to hang them at, I arranged them in the order I wanted on the floor first and then Ari held them at various levels, when I decided what felt right I used a tape measure from the screw hook to the hole in the perspex panels to work out how long I should measure out the fishing wire to be, once working out the length, I doubled the wire so that it would be strong enough to hold the perspex hanging from the ceiling. I carried out this method for all and then hung the wire from the screw hooks, which were eye hooks so the wire was secure and can’t be knocked off.

Overall it took about 4/5 hours to install, the hardest part was putting up the first one but once I worked out a method of how to do this, the rest came easily and it wasn’t as difficult as I thought it would be. The great thing is that the installation is holding securely and there is enough space to walk through and around it.




I spent this day taking more stuff over to the space and trying to complete the collaborative piece, I completed one but knew that I was running out of rope so ordered some the day before, hopefully it’ll arrive in time for me to complete this piece. Roshai and Ari were completing the glittering of her armatures, she should be finished by tomorrow but I’m concerned with how fine she’s cutting it as she still hasn’t bought her screw hooks that are large enough to hold her armatures and her purse has been stolen which is a big problem. I’ve decided to make plinths for my floor sculptures or ‘Knots’ as I call them, I collected them from the workshop today and I’m so happy with how they’ve turned out, although they’re not as dark as I wanted them to be, they’re really smooth and look robust and sturdy like wire. I don’t mind if people say these look like wire or strands of hair seeing as the main aim of my drawings is to abstract rope so when I do, I don’t really try to make it look like anything else but if anyone was to make a reference to something fibrous, wiry or tough then that’s encouraging for me because I’ve always said these are qualities I want to emulate in the drawings.

Having measured out all of the Knots, I have decided that I want to make the plinths fairly flat, maybe 2 inches in thickness but they’ll be 11 inches squared so that the Knots can rest in between. For me this isn’t what I wanted but as the floor is so messy I know it will ruin how the sculptures are viewed. I want to distribute them in awkward places on the floor – which is unconventional but it will catch people’s eye because of how dark they are. They will be put in a way that they form a relationship with each other. I know that a series of things are conventionally displayed in linear or precise way in exhibitions but I really us as a group to make this space our own – really own it! I think it’s risky but it could work.






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