Private View


There was a slight delay to the opening by about 2 hours but we were lucky as no one really passed by and the SU bar was really quiet, we spent this morning tidying up the floor as well as possible and then I laid out my sculptures into place and asked for the other’s opinions to make sure the sculptures weren’t too close to their art works. It all seemed to fit into place and I’m quite proud of what we’ve achieved as a group because it’s come together well.





10/03/2015 – Private View

Our private view was a good turn out! A fair few family and friends came along and we spent time preparing the bar just before the show which was outside of the space, literally opposite so it was in close proximity. Roshai bought LED lights for her armatures and asked us to put these in while she popped to work, however these got stolen so we had to run to Maplin beforehand to buy some more, these were expensive! They did the job though which wasn’t too bad but obviously, she was upset because it wasn’t what she wanted.

We received some good feedback, people liked Knots a lot and said they could see the rope links tie in, some people thought they were made of plastercene and asked how they were holding up, other’s thought they were made of metal, I’m definitely thinking of working in metal at some point so it was great people mentioned this.

As for Third Quarter, I had mixed reviews, some people saw they were meant to be half moons and others made references to ‘D’ asking if it was inspired by the initial of my name. I probably should have thought out how it would look more but being honest, I didn’t even get a chance to look at it specifically as an installation until it was hung into the space to make this reference myself which is why I was so concerned when Isabelle told me not to hang it until I have to, if I had the opportunity I would have made changes and probably removed the spaces I added in between, this is a bad decision on my part, but there’s not much I can do about it now. I shall just have to wait for our crit to see how it is received by Liz.


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