Off-Site Exhibition Crit with Liz


Our crit was pretty small, i think four people turned up overall and I can’t say I’m at all happy with how it went. We had to present our work as to what we’d done. I didn’t think the crib would go like that, I thought we’d perhaps hear people’s opinions first and then talk about what we had intended to do. I felt really put on the spot and uncomfortable which is fine, but for a group crit, I felt it defeated the purpose because we spent most of the time talking and presenting our work. I can understand that there were very few people to give feedback but it would have been useful.

When I did receive feedback, I guess i felt really disappointed with myself because i hadn’t successfully put across what I’d intended but I was glad that I was given the feedback, John and Liz both said the installations looked like D’s and Liz said she didn’t really understand the line of thinking by creating the spaces in between. Also, due to the way the material is and the lack of ventilation in the room, a layer of dust kept falling on the sheets which ruined it, which upset me because it’s a beautiful material so it’s a shame. I was upset at myself. But on the plus side Liz said ‘Knots’ was well made which I am happy about. I just think it’s a shame that I’ve done myself some injustice.

I’ve also tried to retrace my steps as to why I made the decision to put the spaces in the installation, because initially I just set out with one idea and that was to create crescent moon shapes with the lights to create a relationship between light and dark in the space, as if I’d pulled half-moons into the room from the solar system. I had this idea just before I started writing the essay and then I worked out that I had in fact, decided to add the spaces in between when I started writing my essay about heterotopic spaces ‘third spaces’ that exist within spaces. So this is where I lost sight of my original idea, and because my mind was so involved in what I was reading and I was working on installation at the same time I somehow integrated concepts I was working on in my essay with the installation. It hadn’t occurred to me that I had done that until after the feedback because of how rushed everything has been. I’ve had no time to reflect on anything it’s just been rushing around setting things up.

As for the collaboration piece, we kind of abandoned this piece. I was meant to finish sticking rope on the other side, I said that I had run out of rope which is why I didn’t complete it but that wasn’t really the truth. I had the rope but Roshai had so much difficulty hanging her piece up, I pretty much helped her with most of it and this was because I was more methodical about it whereas she didn’t think about measurements and how to actually put it up in practice, with the weight of the armatures and the wall merely being plasterboard. Liz gave her lot’s of good feedback but wasn’t to keen on all of the fishing wire. I explained it wouldn’t have held up any other way. I spoke a lot of rubbish about how I liked the incompleteness of it but I didn’t, it was more because I knew that no one was going to say anything about the fact me and Ari diverted out attentions to Roshai’s to help her hangs hers up. Liz said that it was the weakest piece and was probably put in to fill out the wall, which she is right, we did feel uncomfortable with the curved wall being empty but in all honesty we should have left it.

What slightly annoyed me about the crit is that we were told that when everyone has looked around and considered it as a group exhibition because of the cosmic theme we were all following, it seemed fluid and worked well. But since we had explained our works individually, the response from the others – I can’t explain it but it was very anticlimactic. It seemed like they liked the idea of the works being done collectively, but then with the way the crit went with us having to explain our works individually, the exhibition was going to be broken down into individual contributions seeing as we were all expected to submit something individually. 

We will start packing everything away on Friday and treat the walls so that they were in the same condition we found them in to hand the key back to Gavin.


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