Visits To Off-Site Shows

I went to a few of the off-site shows, although I didn’t make it to any crits unfortunately, I went to a few Private views though. But there were so many going on at the same time so it was quite easy to forget or get confused with dates.

From Art Represent on 9/03:

There were some interesting ideas at this exhibition, I really liked the prints. To me there was something quite primitive about them, they reminded me of African masks but I felt there was a cubist influence there. But I thought they looked great in monochrome too.


I thought the sound detector piece was pretty great too, didn’t get pictures though as this seemed to be more of a communal area where people were gathering but it was innovative. As for the curation, I think the group probably could have thought it out a bit more but apparently they put it all up on the day because they had the space for a very limited time. However, I did like how Jinah’s sculpture/installation was placed by the window to get natural light.



The Joint – Rachael & Juan

I didn’t get to see Rachael’s, apparently it broke the previous night during the PV and I was so disappointed that I didn’t get to! As for Juan, I’m impressed by how much his practice has developed since first year (we were both in the same tutor group). His mural was pretty amazing. I did a project on Mayan art during A Level’s so I could see the South American influence, I loved how he took traditional south American art and explored it in a contemporary way through the use of graffiti.

White Spirits – Peckham Rye

This was my favourite exhibition. I think the space itself was extraordinary – it was a bit of a wreck but in a great way. A lot of the internal structures behind what probably would have been covered up by plaster board was on show, the plaster on the walls could be seen, it just felt very atmospheric and desolate. But what the group did with the space was fantastic, the work made loos like it was intended especially for the space and the curation of it was well thought out.




I thought Binbin’s paintings were amazing, I know in first year she stuck to working with paint but she has definitely become more experimental with texture, I think vibrancy of the paintings worked well with the space because there was a balance where areas of the paintings were fading away. The one’s covered with net like material reminded me of layers of spider webs, you could see she had painted in between the layers. But the colour palettes really added a ‘pop’ to the space.




These looked really amazing within this space too:

I liked the effect of the cracked plaster (I think this may be the material used on the canvases?), it just worked with this space so well, especially the piece near the firework! The piece that had plaster peeled away revealing parts of vintage looking rug was really clever, in a sense there was a correlation with the piece to how layers of this space are slowly disintegrating, falling or decaying away.





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