It’s not over, it’s just the beginning!

I’ve been meaning to start this blog this the summer but had no idea where to start, so I thought I may as well start at the beginning of the academic year, which has also brought a long a few surprises but I feel positive about the year to come.

Being able to choose our own studio spaces has made me feel better in terms of who I’m working alongside because I feel now that I’m surrounded by people who support and provide me with criticisms, this is something I didn’t get much of last year so it has made me feel part of a stronger unit. Moreover, the space I have chosen is an open space but has a fair amount of wall space surrounding, I made this choice because I intend to work on both walls and desks for when I’m drawing and planning.

In terms of my practice, I have experienced a big change in direction which has lead me to become interested in the relationship between ‘women’s work’ and empowerment and more importantly, how women are empowered by their ability to create both artistically and maternally.  Before Modernism, ‘women’s work’ generally involved arts & crafts and home-making and over the holidays, I had a look into some Greek Mythology, the presentation of women (refer to Arachne) and female artists who used textiles as way of producing art. Through sketching and scribbling, I found myself drawing pictorial abstractions of black rope, hence I’ve decided that I’d like to try working with black rope if not hair to create sculptures.

The responses I received were promising, people compared the drawing to organic things such as shells, this was my intention – for the drawing not to look like rope but to be compared to something natural, and what was even more important was the comment I received on rope being robust and powerful, not particularly feminine. After reading the myth of Arachne, seeing two women who were empowered and passionately competing over their craft, I also found it quite empowering and this is something I wanted to present in my drawing too.