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Wall Painting Update/Installation Panic

I am saddened to be having to write such a blog post, I finished my wall painting in advanced, so perhaps four days before the time we were expected to all install our works so that I could focus on organising my written work. However, I received a call from Roshai to inform me that someone has not only broken her small sculptures she made especially for the Stage 2 show and assessment, but that it had chipped and grazed the paint off of my wall painting. I made sure I was prepared in order to reduce the amount of last minute stress and avoid such things from going wrong. I was not only upset about my own work but also Roshai’s as she made ceramic sculptures – mine can easily be covered up but hers cannot be mended easily.

I think the lack of respect for other people’s belongings and especially their work at such a time in the year is pretty bad – throughout the year I have seen lack of studio etiquette from some and I’m surprised that people of our age group are inconsiderate enough to cause damage to other’s work where a lot of time has been spent and not even admit to it.


I came in to see what’s happened so that I can go over it and they’ve chipped away at the wall so I’ll just have to cover it which won’t be a problem.