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Wall Painting for Stage 2 Exhibition/Unit 7

9/05-18/05/2015 I knew our Stage 2 exhibition was coming up but having been so busy with the dissertation proposal and researching my area, I hadn’t managed to generate any new ideas. But I did mention to Liz that I wanted to do a wall painting at some point in order to: 1) Confront my fear of creating in front of others 2) Confront the fear of working on a larger scale because it attracts attention 3) To tackle working with a different medium like paint – I cannot paint but considering this would be temporal and the surface, emulsion paint is the most suitable medium. I chose a drawing (below) I did which was inspired by the extrusions (like Knots that I made for our off-site show) which I wanted to paint on the wall in monochrome colours. I decided that I’d like the dominant colour to be black and the smaller sections in the drawing that I’ve painted black to be white, because I know it would stand out against the white wall. Also it would be easier for me to cover up in time for the third years to use. pic drawing I set out to draw this by projecting the image onto the wall so I borrowed a projector from the loan store to project the image onto the wall, I planned to work on this over the weekend while the studio was quiet because I knew I’d have to work with the light switched off and clear out the tables from my space so I’d be making a mess! There was a few problems with the fact that I couldn’t change the scale enough for the drawing to project to the top of the wall and I couldn’t move the project back far enough either due to the parallel wall behind the one I was working on so I knew I’d have to improvise the rest of the drawing. Here is my set up and how it looked projected: image2-1 image1-1 I simply drew the lines in, they were slightly pixelated and the wall isn’t the smoothest so it was fairly difficult to create a flowing line. image3-1 image4 This is how it looked drawn onto the wall, it took me a few hours but I knew this would be the most difficult part. I also changed the flow of the lines because I found that the changing of scale altered the rhythm of them. I have this fixation with my lines needing to flow harmoniously together so this took me a while to change. My next step was outlining the lines in a dark paint, I picked up some matte emulsion but I couldn’t find a pure black, I bought a liquorice shade and I actually like this colour more on the wall because there’s something very mystic and foggy about the colour. image5 image6 After painting most of it, I decided to improvise the rest, I painted it first because I knew it would make it easier for me to continue the drawing upwards in a fluid way, in a way that it also flows or correlates to the base. image8 I filled in the outlines around the white areas and felt there was something missing so I added another extension on that reaches to the top. image9 I’ve had a lot of mixed reviews as to what it looks like such as roots, trees, an umbilical cord, female genitalia… But all have said it’s soothing and enjoyable to look at it.


Wall Drawings/Paintings

After talking to Mo Throp, she suggested that I go larger in scale so I have started to plan a few drawings that I’d like to paint onto the wall. I won’t be able to paint onto the walls until after T.O.P. because of how much work we have to do with creating the film but I’m excited! I can’t paint at all so I’m going to try to work out how to add different tones in without blending colours because this is where I fail in painting. I’ve tried but it isn’t something that comes to me – I think this is because of the lack of precision as opposed to what you would have with a pen/pencil. Here are some examples:
images1 image3


Ideas for Sculpture – drawings

Just before Christmas I had this huge idea, huge for me as I haven’t worked with sculpture before. And the idea was of a pair of hands holding a brain resting on a plinth, and a heart on the floor, all in black (of course). I started drawing it up which took me a while (see drawing of heart). The more I worked on it the more I realised that I should probably try out smaller things in the workshop, starting with ceramics because I know that what I wanted to do is a bit complex, so I’ve drawn up a few ideas of shell shapes that I’d like to make, I just need to take them to the workshop to speak to the technician when we return after Christmas holidays!

image2 image1

I had my head in my hands and my heart on the floor…

Happy holidays guys!

Been a pretty productive week, I’ve already started prep work for the off-site exhibition in March (slightly early I know!). Thought it would be a good idea as I’ve finally pushed myself into working with sculpture and it is something I’m set on exhibiting at the show.

I’m working on something slightly different but I’m incorporating my rope work into my preliminary drawings, but I’m working on drawing organs. I’ve not tried drawing organs so I’m a bit crap but I’ve made a decent start.

The idea I have in mind is to draw a pair of hands holding a brain, and a heart separately, in terms of how I see the works, they will be separate components displayed together, with the heart on the floor. The heart will have black rope either around/on the veins or wrapped around and tied down to the floor. I’ve spent a few hours here and there this week working on the drawing of the heart, and have now moved onto the brain which I’ll post about later.

I’m fairly happy with how the heart has turned out for a first try, at the moment I’m considering buying a pig/sheep heart to work from (perhaps cast it somehow). I’m also trying to figure out how to go about making it but that’s a problem I’ll take to the workshop with me.

image1  image2

image3  image4




I am very inspired by nature and my surroundings, as much as I live in a very busy suburban area, I like to explore areas where I can absorb the natural world.

Whilst thinking, planning and sketching, I always keep nature in mind because it’s probably the only thing that I am most fascinated and attracted by. It’s evident that there are references to nature in the aesthetics of my work and how I aim to abstract rope in an ‘organic’ way. So brace yourself for many pictures of clouds, trees, waves, mountains and volcanoes (the list goes on). Also a few recordings of natural disasters.

Drawing Experiments – ‘Ropey’ Landscapes

Now I’m back after being ill and working on T.O.P. research, I thought I’d also fit some studio work in when I can. I decided to experiment with my rope drawings and abstractions by making a landscape out of them. We have been working on T.O.P. quite a lot and as I seem to be trying hard to do my bit, I have been doing a lot of research which has taken away time spent on studio work, I like this drawing, it’s different to my previous drawings and still has that abstract quality to it. What I don’t like is that it doesn’t look as unambiguous as the rope drawings, to me it looks pretty obvious that it looks like a landscape but someone else said it looked like female genitalia which made me think of Georgia O’Keefe’s abstract flower paintings? Although most people worked out that there was something ‘rope’-like about the drawing which is great. I was considering drawing this in a larger scale but now it’s complete I don’t feel like I’ve got the effect that I wanted to achieve from it. Which was that pure sense of ambiguity and confusion as to what it could be, followed by an awkwardness.

image1 (1)